EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE LEGEND FROM THE GROUP GOODIE MOB "KHUJO GOODIE" DISCUSSING HIS DREAMS OF PLAYING FOOTBALL BEFORE BECOMING AN ARTIST, ALSO TOUCHING ON HOW THE GROUP CAME TOGETHER, THE MEANING OF THE GROUP NAME, BEING ON LA'FACE RECORDS, AS WELL AS TOUCHING ON THE ACCIDENT AND HOW THE SUPPORT OF HIS FAMILY HELPED HIM THROUGHOUT THAT TUFF TIME, FUTURE PROJECTS, AND SHARING THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THE BUSINESS FIRST TO ALL INSPIRING ENTERTAINERS & SO MUCH MORE!! (PHOTO GALLERY), 19 Sexy Pictures Of Paula Patton (PHOTOS). The percentage (or share) of radio listeners within a given demographic and daypart. Browsing: jasmine sanders dl hughley Jasmine Sanders Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Husband, Relationship, Net Worth & More. She explained how exciting it was but also looked at as a major opportunity to launch her music career. VIBESODE : 89 " AHOUSE MUSIC " HIP-HOP ARTIST / YOUTUBER. Jasmine Sanders can be heard daily on the nationally syndicated D.L. Did you know that Jasmine Sanders was adopted at a young age? VIBESODE: 31 CEO WHITE CHOCOLATE OF BAY LIFE ENTERTAINMENT . ALSO DISCUSSING HIS BIG BREAK EARLY IN HIS CAREER, THAT CATAPULTED HIM TO WORKING WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS AND SO MUCH MORE! Bill Moseley - Actor, Musician and horror icon. EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE ULTIMATE GRINDER " JAVOE" DISCUSSING HIS START IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY FROM GROUND LEVEL, ALSO TOUCHING ON HIS EXPERIENCES, THE KNOWLEGE HE'S LEARNED FROM THE UP'S AND DOWNS ALONG HIS JOURNEY, AS WELL AS THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATING ARTIST ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THE BUSINESS SIDE, & SO MUCH MORE! VIBESODE: 101 "JOY BLACK " THE AMAZING CLASSIC HIP-HOP ELECTRIC VIOLINIST PLAYER. Heartfelt interview, discussing her life as an inspiring writer, poet, and dancer. She tells the back story on the single how the song was created, as well as sharing a funny story about the way the video was filmed in really cold weather, and so much more! Also talked about the importance of not giving up, and grinding with limited resources, being excited about her job as a radio personality,new music coming and so much more! Touching on all the many talents god has blessed the two with. "CASSIDY" HipHop Artist, Actor, Songwriter. Webpastor stephen chandler age wrist pain after cardiac catheterization 0 Comments 1 View 0 Likes. Also discussing the importance of making good connections in the entertainment business, as well as touching on his love for his family, and fan support and so much more! ABSOLUTELY AN EPIC INTERVIEW WITH THE LEGEND! All Access Audio Summit 2023 Full Agenda Debuts Monday, March 6th -- Check Out Our Lineup Of 81 Talented Speakers/Content Creators And All 18 Sessions, Mentoring & Inspiring Women In Radio, Luminate Name Meg Dowdy Elevating Women In Audio Mentee. Musicians. :DONNEY ROSE" Poet, teacher, Activist, Culture Critic. She lashed out at him, calling him out for his jokes, and questioned his sexuality based on the initials of his stage name. WebAs Co-Host of the top ranked and Nationally Syndicated The D.L Hughley Show, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with. Jasmine Sanders has an inspiring story. ALSO DISCUSSING WRITTING THE LEGENDARY BOOK " THE ART OF GANGSTER RAP " & SO MUCH MORE! Jasmine's extensive media experience includes a highly rated mid-day show at New York's legendary WBLS and co-host of two nationally syndicated programs - "Skip Murphy in The Afternoon" and "The Afternoon Jam Session" with Brian McKnight. VERY DOWN TO EARTH INTERVIEW WITH THE HIPHOP DOCTOR MR.RANI WHITFIELD. Also touching on writing and releasing a book about her life experiences and how she made it through and so much more! The couple TAKING US INTO THE LIFE OF FASHION, THE CREATIVE PROCESS OF DESIGNING EACH PIECE, AND MAKING A MOVE FROM HOUSTON TO SINGAPORE. Opening up about the earlier chapters of his music journey, almost giving up, to believing in his self, to diving in hold heartily to his gift and passion, to creating a monster hit "What I Like" feat hiphop Star " Da Baby". Starring: De'lon Shaw playing (Melissa) Ketura Gregg playing (Melody) Anisa Washington playing (Melanie) Amazing interview with the 3 Multitalented girls, discussing being casted in such an inspiring Tv series, also sharing what there individual characters mean to them. DISCUSSING HIS VISION FOR THE FUTURE, AS WELL AS CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR OTHER TALENTED ARTIST & SO MUCH MORE! I'SIS " Multi-talented Female Rap Hip-hop rising . })(); (function() { We want you to hear what were saying clearly, she told journlist/ relationship expert Dominique Clarke. ALSO THE DIFFERENT AFFECTS IT CAN HAVE STARTING FROM CHILDHOOD IT CAN HAVE GROWING UP NOT HAVING BEEN SHOWED WHAT ORGANIC LOVE LOOKS LIKE & FEELS LIKE, ALONG WITH SOME VERY STRONG POINTERS ON HOW TO HAVE A MORE HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER, PLUS SO MUCH MORE! Amazing down to earth interview with the Queen. Fresh off the set as an actor in Wonder Woman 1984 - the most-watched direct-to-streaming film in 2020, beating Hamilton - Gwen just completed an arc on General Hospital playing the fierce role Police Chief Vic. Ponce Juno opens up about creating his new single "Go Pretty Girl Remix" featuring Beenie Man x Double K. He shares the funny story of how he sent Beenie Man the track with the hook on it and he sent it back with his verse on it, but with a new hook that he customized. Explosive interview with the rising star. having several label deal opportunities on the table, he explains why he signed with the Lengendary "Busta Rhymes" and his "Conglomerate imprint, also discussing his new project, an R&B album he's been working on, wich he describes will be mind blowing, and so much more! WebConnection Timeout ! TOUCHING ON GOING FROM READING HIP-HOP MAGAZINES, TO ONE DAY BEING ONE OF THE TOP WRITERS & EDITORS FOR THE SOURCE & SEVERAL OTHER PUBLICATIONS, AS WELL AS INTERVIEWING SOME OF TOP A LIST ARTIST IN THE GAME. Copyright 2023 All Access Music Group. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys speaking to and working with young women in an effort to give hope to those who have lost it and to encourage the belief that life truly is what you make it! DISCUSSING UP ROOTING FROM MINNESOTA TO ATLANTA TO PURSUE A JOB OPPORTUNITY, TO HOW SHE WAS CASTED AS ONE OF THE MEMBERS ON THE SHOW,TO DISCUSSING HER PASSION FOR DOING MUSIC & REVEALING INFO ON MUSIC SHE HAS RECORDED FROM A PAST RAP GROUP SHE WAS IN, TO STARTING TWO NO-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS & WHY SHES CHOSEN TO TAKE HER TIME WITH PURSUING RELATIONSHIPS & SO MUCH MORE! Touching on coming from an entrepreneur family background, having a very strong family support system, as well as having a passion and love for playing basketball. Amazing interview! AMAZING INTERVIEW WITH THE GREAT " REGINALD BALLARD " (AKA) BRUH MAN! Amazing interview, discussing her exciting journey as an actor, artist songwriter. ALSO DISCUSSING THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THE BUSINESS FIRST, TO RELEASING A NEW PROJECT INDEPENDENTLY AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Another VIBE exclusive with special guest, film actor, author "HILL HARPER". "SHELLEY MECHE'TTE & BREE K JONES" Mother Daughter Magic. Touching on her career as a female MC in the game, her artist inspirations, her huge calaboration with Mega Star "CHRIS BROWN" on top of her Blazen new single " SHOW ME LOVE" and so much more!!! Copyright 2023 Interactive One, LLC. With years of experience under her Also discussing working with diffrent artist, dripping jems about the importance of having songs properly mixed and mastered, his new single and so much more! WebSnowboard- . Great interview, discussing her career as a writer and the release of her 15 year edition classic album COMPLEX SIMPLICITY" and so much more! Krayzie opens up about doing Verzuz and what it ment to him. He shares signing his deal with Chevi Music, his new single, his love for playing the guitar and so much more! DICUSSING BEING BORN IN A FAMILY OF SINGERS & MUSICIAN'S, BEING GROOMED BY LEGENDARY FATHER ORANGE JUICE JONES, DISCUSSING HER EXPLOSIVE SINGLE "FREE" & COLLABORATION WITH HIPHOP SUPER STAR LOADED LUX, & THE FUTURE OF HER AMAZING CAREER!, DISCUSSING PRODUCTION, NOT BEING LIMITED WHEN PRODUCING, USING SAMPLE'S & WORKING WITH ARTIST., DEEP INTERVIEW WITH DJ KEN ABOUT THE DISCONNECT WITH ARTIST AND DJ'S, HIS PROCESS AND APPROACH WHEN DJING EACH EVENT, AND HIS ULTIMATE GOAL TO TAKE HIS BRAND TO SYNDICATE RADIO, DISCUSSING MUSIC, LIFE , SUPPORT, AND THE NEW WAVE SOUND IN HIP HOP., VERY DEEP AND PASSIONATE INTERVIEW WITH WEST SIDE CHOPA! JOINING FORCES WITH HIS COUSIN "TELL EM MIZZLE" WHO PRODUCED HIS FIRST FULL LENGTH PROJECT, TO DISCUSSING ATTEMPTING TO RELEASE IT THROUGH A DISTRIBUTION COMPANY WHICH DIDN'T WORKOUT. also touching on how the pandemic and the death of GEORGE FLOYD impacted her personally, future projects coming and so much more! TOUCHING ON HER PASSION FOR HELPING PEOPLE AS A CHILD, TO CONTINUING HER PURPOSE AS AN ADULT, TO BECOMING A LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALIST. Exclusive Interview, touching on his start in the business as a comedian/ Actor, always being funny since young, as well as Explaining how he delt with being angry and how he found it hendered his growth personally. Von now offer his trading knowledge to people by offering trading training mentoring and services to help people learn to make money online and so much more! Combien gagne t il d argent ? Jasmine Sanders was photographed by Yu Tsai in Tampa, Fla. Swimsuit by Montce. ALSO SHARING WHAT WE CAN EXPECT IN HIS FUTURE ENDEAVORS, AS WELL AS DISCUSSING HIS PHENOMENAL ONE MAN PLAY " MICHAEL COLYAR'S MOMMA'S " TOUCHING A 100 PLUS CITIES TOUR & SO MUCH MORE!!!! Jasmine Sanders, media maven and co-host of The D.L. Also touching on her latest project "WORD WARRIOR III" starring an all-star cast and so much more! Also touching on the inspiration for writing the hit single "LOVE YOU BACK" and so much more! " All Rights Reserved, DL Hughley Shows Jasmine Sanders Brings Awareness to Foster Care, Sharing Her Own Story. As well as discussing her work in the fashion industry, the ups and downs, being a strong women of color, wearing multiple hat's, on top of utilizing her brands to empower women, writing and releasing a new book and so much more!! Also discussing new music and visuals on the way and so much more! Also discussing why he moved to New York to presue his music dreams, also explaining how his new single Fen Fen featuring music artist Teemany, and so much more! GREAT INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR " ESTEBAN CARMONA " DISCUSSING HIS EXPERIENCES AS AN ACTOR, THE WORK THAT GOES INTO IT, AS WELL AS WORKING WITH AN ALL STAR CAST ON THE HBO SPECIAL " THE DUECE " DISCRIBING HIS ROLE AS " JULITO " ALONG WITH SHARING WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM HIS FUTURE PROJECT AND SO MUCH MORE! Amazing interview with the music sensation. What an amazing interview with the rising star. Great interview touching on her lucrative real estate career, also her experience being casted on the first season of the hit reality Tv show "REAL HOUSE WIFE'S OF ATLANTA, as well as becoming a book author writing several kids books based on her life experiences and so much more! DROPPING NOTHING BUT JEWELS ABOUT HIS START IN THE MUSIC GAME, THE VALUE OF BEING WITH A LABEL VERSES BEING INDEPENDENT & MUCH MORE! Crescent ALSO TOUCHING ON TOURING WITH LEGENDARY GROUPS FROM HIS TIME, TO DROPPING WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO ALL INSPIRING TALENT WITH VISIONS OF GETTING INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS, HIS FUTURE ENDEAVORS & SO MUCH MORE! SELLING ON AMAZON CURRENTLY, TO SO MUCH MORE!!! In this section you are What an amazing interview with the Queen, Touching on her childhood past, family and growing up in the Mecca Brooklyn New York. var znscr = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; Also touching on his experience working with hiphop super star "TYLER THE CREATOR" also touching on his new documentary project about mental health and so much more! Discussing his musical journey, his passion for educating the culture through his music. SHARING IN SUCH DETAIL ABOUT HER EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND, HOW SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN APART OF THE ART'S, AS WELL AS DANCE. MINISTER TAKING US THROUGH HER WALK FROM DARK INTO THE LIGHT, THEN BLESSED THE SHOW WITH A POWERFUL PRAYER, Incredible Interview, discussing A 22 Year Career In Radio, The Behind The Scene Work As A Ghost Writer, What Keeps Her Motivated Along With Being A Dedicated Community Activist And More!. Explosive interview with the radio King from the Hit Radio Show THE EVENING EXPERIENCE! Dope interview with the artist discussing the group finally getting back together, as well as explaining why he felt Pretty Ricky needed to be apart of Love & Hip-hop Miami, new music from the group, the millennium tour, his new single featuring Jacquees and so much more! She found out she was adopted when she was 11 years old and said it made her feel like an outsider. Also touching on how the pandemic has effected her life losing two family members to the virus, on top of making the necessary adjustments to keep her brand going, also co staring in new TV show "Pump" new music out and so much more! Also expressing the hard work and dedication as well as sacrifice it takes to make it in the entertainment business. REAL PASSIONATE AND INFORMATIVE INTERVIEW, DISCUSSING THE BEGINNING JOURNEY OF HIS CAREER INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. As well as discussing how he broke in the game through mixtapes and DVD'S, Also touching on the importance of loyalty and learning the business side, to discussing his new music project, and so much more! Webjasmine sanders age dl hughleyrivercrest tunkhannock, pa. jasmine sanders age dl hughley. She is also known by About Us Marital Status 34 episodes. Great interview, discussing her book tour, movie deal, new music and a much more! Brandon Hammond - Childhood Actor from Soul Food, Menice II Society, Blue Hill Avenue. Also touching on creating her debut project "SMOKE & MIRROWS based on her real life experiences, and so much more!!! WebThe DL Hughley Show Jasmine Sanders Speaks! Bossip Comment Policy The only thing that I regret is that my parents didnt live long enough to see it. When not blazing the airwaves, she seizes opportunities in her other passion, television. VIBESODE: 46. Very heartfelt and open intetview, taking us back in time discussing his early years as youth and his love for acting, to discussing his career as a professional NFL athlete, to touching on the ups and downs of being in the league, to discussing his role as "Roderick" on the hit TV show "AMBITIONS", to dropping some powerful words of inspiration and so much more! Samora also shared about a bad experience and things she's learned along the way being a women in the entertainment business. HE FILLED OUT AN APPLICATION & THE REST WAS HISTORY! VIBESODE: 58 "A.J. taking us on a journey back in time. Touching on her amazing life, and career as a actress and singer. Special Correspondent on HLNs The Daily Share and former co-host of BET/Centric TVs lifestyle show, Culture List are just a few of Jasmines accomplishments. Also describing the grind as an independent artist, funding his own projects and visuals, to developing patience, with hopes of connecting with the right connects to elevate his craft to the next level. WebListen to D.L. All throughout May, National Foster Care Month, Jasmines used her media platform to promote the #AdoptedAndWinning Campaign, to create awareness around foster care. Explosive interview with the super talented artist. The Sports Illustrated Swim cover girl (known as Golden Barbie on Explosive interview with the multi talented musician, touching on her early childhood growing up in athletic family, playing sports but always having a heavy passion for music. Sharing tips and amazing stories about some of the many clients he educated and help grew successful business from ground up. STEVE WILSON said, "I'm so excited about joining the REACH MEDIA family and working with DL again. Noam Laden Returns To WABC/New York As News Dir. He explains taking that knowledge and turning it into a company. Jasmine Sanders net worth: Jasmine Sanders is a German American model and fashion influencer who has a net worth of $3 million. Very heartfelt interview, taking us on a walk back in time about his past life, Growing up shy, losing his mom, to having an abusive stepmom, to having a mentor who seen the good in him and motivated him to shake his fears and to use his voice. Wilson, Saunders, Hughley. suzette malveaux partner; dumpling making class; joel diaz boxing gym TOUCHING ON HIS PASSION FOR CREATING & WRITING. GREAT INTERVIEW WITH INTERNATIONAL AFROBEATS ARTIST "TEEMANAY" (YOUNG ICON) DISCUSSING STARTING HIS CAREER FROM HIS ROOTS IN NIGERIA / AFRICA. Also sharing her amazing experience starting off as a background dancer for so many major names in the business, to performing at LL COOL J'S rock the bells concert, to dropping an anthem wich hit the billboards top 20 list, to so much more! GREAT INTERVIEW WITH SONG WRITER/ MUSICIAN "LINDZ" DISCRIBING HER LOVE FOR MUSIC AT A YOUNG AGE, HER DESIRE FOR CREATING HER OWN MUSIC, BEING BURNED A FEW TIMES AT THE START OF HER CAREER, TO MEETING THE RIGHT TEAM AND PRODUCER, TO REBUILDING HER BRAND CREATING THE SMASH SINGLE "TOXIN" & SO MUCH MORE! In addition, she was featured as a music expert and pop-culture pundit for Billboard Magazine, WTFV/CBS News Channel 5 and WTVC/ABC News Channel 9. D.L. Comedians. Drawing from her acting talents, Gwen brings her most dynamic, comedic self as host of the podcast Tea with Gwen. Also Sharing with us about the ever so many talents and hats she sports on a day to day, on top of expressing growing up not seeing color and how the world could be such a more amazing place to live in if people would just embrace being there selves and expressing more love for there selves and others and so much more! VERY INFORMATIVE INTERVIEW, BRINGING US INTO THE LIFE OF BEING A MODEL, STARTING OFF AT A REALLY YOUNG AGE. VERY DOPE INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF THE GREAT PRODUCERS IN THE GAME "KATO THE PRODUCER " GIVING A LIL HISTORY ABOUT HIMSELF, AS WELL AS TOUCHING A BIT ON HOW HE GOT IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS, WHAT KEEPS HIM INSPIRED, AS WELL AS THE IMPORTANCE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ON TOP OF DROPPING JEWELS TO ALL INSPIRING PRODUCERS IN THE GAME ABOUT SOME OF THE DO'S & DONT'S AND SO MUCH MORE! Discussing marriage, being a father, his comedy tour, his new podcast show and so much more! Discussing how he became an actor, his journey and how he grew a love for becoming an actor, as well as his thoughts on the Hit TV HBO special "BALLERS" coming to an end, as well as discussing being in a band, the new album out, New future projects and so much more! "KIMBERLY M. CHAPMAN" SHEEN MAGAZINE PUBLISHER / CO-FOUNDER OF CHAPMAN PRODUCT'S. 0 Comments, ANOTHER VIBE PREMIER With Special Guest: "RHONDA ROSS", Rhonda Ross stops by the show and shows so much love! ALSO DISCUSSING GOING TO FILM SCHOOL & HOW HE LEARNED SO MUCH MORE ABOUT FILMING, AND EVERY ASPECT OF PROPERLY USING A CAMERA. VERY DOWN TO EARTH, MOTIVATING, YET INSPIRING INTERVIEW WITH THE LOVELY "ERICA PAGE". Hughley Breaks the News.. She is the recipient of many career achievement awards including being named at the top of Girls Incorporateds Most Influential Women list and recognition by NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment). WebJasmine Sanders Presents the Jazzy Report on The DL Hughley Show (Kellita Smith) 2,230 views Jul 26, 2019 37 Dislike Share Jasmine Sanders 1.33K subscribers The DL Jasmine's got the complete Hat and belt by Sensi Studio. Check out The Vibe Show 97.9 FM official website for more updates, & the hottest music in rotation 24/7 Log On at : www.thevibeshow979.net Jasmine does not take her success in vain, as she is very passionate in her work as a youth mentor and bringing awareness to Adoption. jasmine sanders age dl hughley. DAD BEING AN ALL AROUND ATHLETE AS WELL AND BEING A HUGE SUPPORT THROUGHOUT HIS CAREER. SUPER DOPE INTERVIEW WITH CALONDATRAC!DROPPING JEWELS ABOUT THE LOUISIANA HIPHOP MUSIC SCENE, AND THE FUTURE DIRECTION OF HIS MUSIC CAREER! Jul 19, 2021. SUPER COOL INTERVIEW WITH MY 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IRELAND, DISCUSSING HER CHRISTMAS, MISSING HER FRIENDS FROM SCHOOL AND HER DREAMS OF BEING A DOCTOR WHEN SHE GROW UP. Discussing starting her career at the age of seven. Full NameJasmine Sanders. and co-host Jasmine Sanders bring a humorous, smart and insightful point of view to the topics of TOUCHING ON EVERYTHING FROM COMING FROM A FAMILY MUSICAL BACKGROUND, TO STARTING IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS AT THE YOUNG AGE OF TEN, HOW HE LANDED THE BABY BOY ROLE & MUCH MORE! And its a struggle. STATING IT STARTED OFF ROCKY BUT AS SHE WORKED AT PERFECTING HER SKILLS IT BECAME HER PASSION. SUPER IN LIGHTING INTERVIEW DISCUSSING REBRANDING, TURNING DOWN MAJOR DEALS, AND GRINDING AS A INDEPENDENT CEO/ARTIST/BUSINESS OWNER FROM THE GROUND UP. Describing how she got into modeling after being inspired by her famous cousin "SHERYL UNDERWOOD" to go into modeling and acting. TOUCHING ON HIS LABEL SITUATION WITH JIVE RECORDS, HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GREAT LATE "2PAC", ESTABLISHING HIS OWN LABEL INDEPENDENTLY SIGNING HIS FIRST ARTIST "QBOSILIN" NEW MUSIC COMING & SO MUCH MORE! A VIBE Exclusive with special guest Jasmine Sanders. We just want to be heard. Also touching on her show, and a new future project coming soon, and so much more! Very heartfelt interview with the CEO. VIBESODE: 83 " JOHNNIE DOMINO " ACTOR / DIRECTOR. Singer, producer, entrepreneur, legendary member of the rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Krayzie Bone stops by the show. VERY DEEP, INSPIRING, HEARTFELT, MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEW WITH THE LOVELY MRS " SONYA LEWIS MARTINEZ " DISCUSSING HER PAST COMING FROM GROWING UP WITH AN ABUSIVE FATHER, TO RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME LIVING ON THE STREETS HOMELESS, TO LEANING AND FINDING STRENGTH SOELY IN THE LORD TO GUIDE & PROTECT HER, TO ATTENDING COLLEGE RECEIVING HER MASTERS IN HEALTHCARE PUBLIC RELATIONS, TO OPENING HER OWN MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING COMPANY, TO BECOMING A PARALEGAL, TO SERVING TIME, TO WRITING AND PUTTING OUT AN AMAZING BOOK CALLED " JUST LIKE THAT " GOD'S GRACE AND MERCEY! Opening up about her up bringing, family, her musical passions from the age of 6, recording an album and releasing a hit single, to becoming an award winning book writer and so much more!!! Jasmine Sanders Age. Jasmine Sanders has an inspiring story. "QUEEN PHEENA" Singer, Songwriter, Producer. Also touching on the ways she's been dealing with the pandemic personally, as well as keeping business going, future plans and so much more. zergnet.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ?